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Question Are the products certified?
AnswerOur products are all original, handmade and 100% made in Italy.
In addition to that they are made with non-toxic and certified food finishes, with regular CE certification.
Question wood is a porous material, can it be used as a sex toy?
AnswerThe hardwood used is one of the finest varieties of cherrywood, covered with several layers of non-toxic food finish that make it completely waterproof, totally safe and certainly compatible with the use of water and water-base and silicone lubricants.
Question Are there any splinters?
AnswerOur products are totally safe; their surface is perfectly smooth, waterproof and most importantly coherent with the product use destination
Question wood is an hard material, does it hurt?
AnswerWood is not an hard material, it is a resistant and warm material. In addition our sex toys are design objects and are ergonomically designed for giving pleasure.
Question Are the used paints certified?
AnswerYour safety is important for us therefore all our paints are food paints, non-toxic and certified