The Brand

Silvia Picari brand is born from the namesake designer idea.
In her projects, she get inspiration from art and her designer background.
In her Love Toys, she combine craftsmanship, made in Italy, design and functionality.
She want to contribute on building a sex-positive culture, breaking down stereotypes and prejudices with simple irony, taking part in the debate on sexuality from a still unusual point of view for this topic, that of design.
The claim itself contains the entire philosophy:
“It doesn’t matter who you go with, but who you come with.”
Sex is a wonderful, simple and spontaneous act of wellness.
Sexuality is a natural and very important part of life, and a sex toy
is a daily use object that improves the relationship with intimacy.
Silvia’s design dildos are contemporary totems to be exhibited in everyday life.
She wish to upset the common imaginary, which prefers to hide this kind of objects.

Because dreams need to come out of the drawer.


She design her Love Toys to be functional and refined design objects at the same time.
Unique pieces, 100% made in Italy, handmade and ergonomically designed for use.
Waterproof, easy washable and coated with certified non-toxic paints.
Sex toys ideas generates from the combination beetween innovation and tradition.
Tradition lies in the choice of wood and in the ancient and manual wood turning process but, above all, in the phallus portrayal, venerated since antiquity as a symbol of fertility.
Innovation lies in the handmade process of shaping at the lathe an unusual object for this kind of manufacturing.
She overturn the aesthetics of traditional sex toys and transform them into a real artistic sculpture.
Wood is a “warm” and familiar material which, for its characteristics is perfect for a slow and explorative approach to pleasure.

Let yourself be amazed by a unique experience.